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The Litigation Data Avalanche: Time To Move To The Cloud?
Posted on 12 Oct 2012 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

By Matthew Gillis and Steven Berrent For those of us who are trying to look down the road and see where the litigation technology industry is headed, it might be instructive to take a look back in time to an unlikely example: the law firm mailroom... Read More

SaaS: A Cloud-y Option for Attorneys
Posted on 15 Jun 2011 by Tami S Cunningham, JD

There's a lot of talk about "the cloud" right now, especially in the wake of last week's announcement of the iCloud. The cloud, better known as Software as a Service (SaaS) is, in a nutshell, software and storage capabilities accessed... Read More

A Computer Trained to “Think” like an Associate
Posted on 28 Feb 2011 by Tina George

Could a computer put the jobs of future associates in Jeopardy? The answer to that, in Jeopardy style, comes in the form of a question, "Who is Watson?" It may ultimately mean legal research performed in seconds rather than hours. This... Read More

So You Have an iPad....
Posted on 24 Mar 2011 by Tami S Cunningham, JD

If you are a current iPad or iPad2 owner you have probably tinkered around with it a lot. In fact, you have probably already mastered Angry Birds, totally customized your Pandora station, and your iBook shelf runneth over. Are you now considering using... Read More

Color App Gives New Meaning to Going Public
Posted on 11 Apr 2011 by Tami S Cunningham, JD

Location Based apps such as Gowalla or Foursquare provides users with a social experience that not only shows where they are at the moment and what they are doing, but also who they are with or near. But at least one new app is taking things a few steps... Read More