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Keller and Heckman LLP Telecom Business Alert - Vol. IX Issue 7

House Subcommittee Hearing Focuses on LightSquared's Impact on GPS

Last week, the House Subcommittee on Aviation held a Hearing examining the use of GPS in the Aviation Industry. At the Hearing, John Pocari, the U.S. Department of Transportation's Deputy Transportation Secretary, reiterated his strong concerns about the negative effect the proposed LightSquared network would have on GPS systems. Mr. Pocari testified that LightSquared's proposal would require the constant monitoring and adjustments to more than 40,000 broadcasting sites nationwide to ensure they would remain consistent with air safety requirements. He continued that "this simply is not practical... [and] there appears to be no practical solutions or mitigations that would permit the LightSquared broadband service, as proposed, to operate in the next few months or years without significantly interfering with GPS." LightSquared and the FCC did not testify at the Hearing. Please contact Greg Kunkle (202.434.4178; with questions.

"It's starting to look like lights out for LightSquared."

- Greg Kunkle, Partner

Justice Department Likely to Approve Google's Acquisition of Motorola Mobility

The Justice Department is expected to provide antitrust approval later this week supporting Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. Last August, Google agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for approximately $12.5 billion. (Vol VIII, Issue 34). The acquisition is expected to close later this year and includes Motorola Mobility's portfolio of more than 17,000 patents and 7,500 pending patent applications as well as its hardware manufacturing operation. Please contact Doug Jarrett (202.434.4180; with questions.

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