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The Limits of New York's Indelible Right to Counsel
Posted on 26 Sep 2011 by LexisNexis Emerging Issues Community Staff

Castellano on People v. Pacquette, People v. Lopez, People v. Gibson, and People v. Lewie: The Limits of New York's Indelible Right to Counsel By Mr John Castellano Excerpt from 2011 Emerging Issues 5910 SUMMARY: In People v. Pacquette... Read More

John Castellano on United States v. Jones: Defining the Scope of the 4th Amendment in a Digital Era
Posted on 4 Apr 2012 by John M. Castellano

In United States v. Jones [ enhanced version available to subscribers ], the Supreme Court announced that a warrant is required to track a suspect by attaching a GPS device to the suspect's vehicle, even though the suspects' movements... Read More

John Castellano on People v. McKinnon - What is Disfigurement in Criminal Assault
Posted on 11 Nov 2010 by John M. Castellano

By John M. Castellano In People v. McKinnon , the Court of Appeals addressed for the first time the meaning of the terms "disfigurement" and "disfigure seriously" as used in New York's criminal assault statutes. In this commentary... Read More