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Workers' Compensation

LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage California Workers' Compensation

LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage  


for California Workers’ Compensation


Optimize your firm’s practice management, legal research, litigation services and client development workflow by using integrated LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage.  This new version of our integrated solution is organized around the daily work of California workers’ compensation practitioners.

Excel in the business and practice of law

By combining powerful tools with resources vital to California workers’ compensation law, LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage helps you achieve higher productivity and profitability, along with more effective client service.

EAMS logo  Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) compatibility

With the LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage solution you’ll be able to draft forms in HotDocs automated format. You can fill out official forms, reuse your answers in other forms, and file the completed forms using DWC methods. Entering information through answer files helps reduce the time spent typing in the same information for one client or case multiple times. Each form even comes with an optional, scannable OCR separator sheet. LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage helps you use EAMS today and prepare for tomorrow.   

Gain these advantages and more!

  • Enhance client management
  • Keep details organized by client and matter and easily coordinate calendars 
  • Quickly retrieve and store model documents and forms
  • Expedite legal research and investigations and securely share research within your firm
  • Solidify case preparation
  • Develop your client base
  • Capture more billable hours
  • Reduce malpractice risk stemming from document creation errors, schedule conflicts & missed deadline
  • Reduce administrative costs by automating routine tasks
  • Manage client and firm accounting  



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