Workers' Compensation

TX: Rockport Healthcare Group's PPO Network Tops 500,000 Workers' Comp Providers

HOUSTON, TX – Rockport Healthcare Group announced today that its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network has expanded to include over 500,000 providers, making it one of the largest national networks dedicated to the workers' compensation industry.

"During the past two years, Rockport has steadily grown to meet the needs of its clients and adapt to changes in the marketplace.  This recent expansion highlights our continuing efforts to enhance services and broaden the scope of our coverage," notes Doug Markham, Chief Operating Officer at Rockport.  

"Traditional PPO networks often lack the expertise necessary to ensure the most appropriate treatment for work-related injuries.  Rockport is different.  We focus on bringing providers into our networks who understand workers' compensation protocols, and have the experience needed to help injured workers return to the job safely and quickly," explains Markham.

Self-insured employers continue to move away from integrated PPO networks, popular just a few years ago, to networks specializing solely in workers' compensation injuries.  They recognize that to maximize savings and ensure the best outcomes for employees, their network providers must have extensive experience in treating workplace injuries.

Markham notes that one of the key areas for employers to examine is the type of providers in their workers' comp network.  Industry experts explain that in today's market, employers need more than just physical therapists, radiologists and orthopedists.  To achieve the best outcomes and savings, employers need specialists that cover a wider range of injuries and illnesses – accident-related as well as stress-related.

To meet the unique needs of each employer, Rockport can also develop highly specialized networks – one of the services that set them apart in the PPO industry.  "We ask our clients about their hot buttons, issues and concerns; and what is needed to help their employees return to work quicker after an accident or illness," says Markham.  "Then, we work with them to develop individualized provider networks that best meet their needs."

Source: Rockport Healthcare Group