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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (9/9/2014)

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AZ: IC Posts 2014-2015 Physician/Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule, eff. 10-1-2014.

CA: DWC Issues Revision to WCIS Regs With Addt’l 15-Day Comment Period.

CA: Amended Pure Premium Rate Filing Submitted to CDI.

CA: SCIF Launches CA Workers Comp Earthquake Cat Bond.

CA: Court Says Plaintiff’s IIED Claim Barred by Exclusivity.

CO: DWC to Streamline Procedures for Adjusting Workers Comp Claims.

CT: State Auditors Report WCC Overcharged WC Insurers $450K.

FL: Newspaper Investigate Florida Workers Comp Contractor Scams.

HI: HEMIC Directors Declare $2.25M Divided for Qualifying Policyholders.

ID: IIC Issues Notice re 30% Penalty on Medical Fee Disputes.

IL: Workers Comp Reform Backers Point to 20 Point Drop in Workers Comp Rates.

IL: State Takes Aggressive Measures to Combat Employee Misclassification.

KS: Governor Appoints Peterson to WC, Employment Security Boards Nominating Committee.

KY: KEMI to File a 5 Percent Rate Reduction Eff. 1-1-2015.

KY: Emergency Regs Kick In Next Month to Govern Ride Sharing Companies.

ME: WCB Posts Reminder of 9/15 Deadline for Reports on Premiums Written.

MO: Workers Comp Rates to Decrease for Employers in 2015.

NH: Governor Creates Commission to Address Reducing Work Comp Medical Costs.

NY: WCB Revises Form for Health Provider’s Request for Decision on Unpaid Medical Bills.

NY: State Takes Aggressive Measures to Combat Employee Misclassification.

NC: Newspaper Investigates HUD Financed or Funded Projects and Worker Misclassification.

OK: Businesses Say Drop in WC Rates Show Reforms Working.

OR: WCD Issues Guidance on Employer Paid Medical Reimbursement Claims Costs.

SC: Newspaper Investigates Murky Use of Independent Contractors, Worker Misclassification.

TX: DWC Finalizes Two Forms to Replace ICD-9 References.

TX: Business, Labor Join Forces to Prevent Worker Misclassification.

TX: Commissioner Adopts Two NCCI Filings.

WV: Injured Worker Advocates Blast Proposed Rules as Anti-Worker.

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