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Workers' Compensation

State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (9/16/2013)

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NCCI Posts Workers’ Comp Claim Frequency 2013 Update.

9th Cir Ruling Enables CMS to Refer Debt to Collections During Appeals.


CA: WCIRB Submits 6.9% Workers Comp Rate Hike for 2014.

CA: WCAN Hopes SB 863 Reforms Kick in to Slow Down Rate Increases.

CA: DWC Readopts Emergency Regs: IMR, IBR, Lien Filing Fee.

CA: 43 Football Coaches, Staff Have Pending Workers Comp Claims in Calif.

CT: Labor Union Urges Expansion of WC Law to Cover Mental Distress.

CT: WCC Posts 2012-2013 Annual Report.

FL: DWC Posts 2014 Legislative Agenda; Increase in Compensation Rate.

ID: IC Posts Reminders on Expediting Lump Sum Settlements.

ID: IC Provides Guidance on Electronic Payments of WC Benefits.

IA: NCCI Recommends 2% Decrease in Workers Comp Rates Eff. Jan. 1.

KS: Workers’ Comp Nominating Committee’s First Session Closed to Public.

MO: Governor’s Veto of SB 34 WC Database Sustained by Legislature.

NJ: A2000 Independent Contractor/Trucking Business Bill Vetoed by Governor.

NJ: DWC Proposes to Increase Max. WC Benefit Rates (see 45 N.J.R. 2022(a)).

OH: IC, BWC Propose Rule Changes re Wage Loss Compensation.

OK: Governor Makes Appointment to Workers Comp Transition Team.

OR: DCBS Announces 7.6% Decrease in Workers Comp Rates.

TN: NCCI Recommends 8.4% Decrease in Loss Costs.

TN: DWC Proposes More Regs to Implement Reforms.

TX: Insurance Carrier Pharmacy Closed Formulary Data Call Results Posted.

TX: DWC Marks Centennial of Workers’ Comp Laws.

WV: NCCI Explains 8.8% Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

WI: GOP Lawmakers Seek to Reign in High Medical Costs for Workers’ Comp.