Workers' Compensation

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MO: Supreme Court to Address "Equal Exposure" Defense
Posted on 26 Oct 2011 by Martin Klug

When is an accident not compensable because an injured worker was equally exposed to the hazard or risk outside of and unrelated to the employment? The issue will now go to the Missouri Supreme Court, based on a recent transfer by the Eastern District... Read More

MO: Police Chief Awarded Disability For Wiping Car Window
Posted on 19 Oct 2011 by Martin Klug

A police chief who describes acute neck pain after wiping the inside window of his unmarked police car performed "integral" police work under Missouri law. Whiteley v City of Poplar Bluff , No. SD 31287 (Mo. App. Oct. 11, 2011), affirmed an... Read More

MO: Claimant Loses Permanent Total Claim When Her Vocational Expert Concedes She Can Be Trained As Cashier
Posted on 20 Oct 2011 by Martin Klug

The court of appeals rejected claimant's PTD claim against the second injury fund based on inconsistent opinions of her vocational expert. Carkeek v Treasurer of the State of Mo. , WD 73377 (Mo. App. Oct. 11, 2011) (Free Download), affirmed an award... Read More

Missouri: Noxious Smoke and Fumes at Work Caused Myelomas
Posted on 22 Mar 2012 by Martin Klug

Noxious fumes and yellow smoke caused claimant's non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (multiple myelomas) and made him unemployable, according to a new decision from the Court of Appeals, which affirmed an award of PTD benefits. The award included safety... Read More