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Arkansas: Court Says Injured Worker Successfully Rebutted Statutory Presumption Related to Illegal Drugs
Posted on 7 Mar 2014 by Larson's Spotlight

As is the case in a number of other jurisdictions, if an Arkansas worker tests positive for, among other things, marijuana metabolites, following a work-related injury, the employer enjoys a rebuttable presumption that the injury or accident was “substantially... Read More

Arkansas: Former Employee’s Attempt to Cure Untimely Filing of Claim With Separate Filing of Civil Action Was Unsuccessful
Posted on 4 Jul 2013 by Larson's Spotlight

In a split decision, the Supreme Court of Arkansas recently issued a writ of prohibition in a civil action filed by a former employee against his former employer for damages associated with his bladder cancer that he contended arose from exposure to harmful... Read More

Arkansas: Employer Secured Comp Coverage in Spite of Failure to List Employees in Policy Documents
Posted on 5 Feb 2016 by Larson's Spotlight

An Arkansas court held that the owner of a small Arkansas business appropriately secured workers’ compensation coverage when evidence indicated an insurance company issued a policy and the business paid a premium of $1,000. That the policy did not... Read More

Arkansas: Commission Resolves Conflicting Medical Evidence Against Employee
Posted on 27 May 2016 by Larson's Spotlight

An Arkansas appellate court affirmed a decision by the state’s Workers’ Compensation Commission that denied an employee additional medical benefits for continued pain management where the court said the Commission considered the medical evidence... Read More