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The Savvy Sleuth Returns....And Course & Scope Victory Is Once Again His In This Delaware Remand
Posted on 8 Oct 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

Today's post is the part two of my 9/8/10 post titled " The Case of the Savvy Sleuth "...... It was one of defense attorney Gary Baker's (Elzufon, Austin, Tarlov & Mondell) finest hours as he defeated the claim of a double amputee... Read More

"Blunder Down Under" – An Interview With Cassandra Roberts On the Australian Rough Sex In A Hotel Workers’ Compensation Claim
Posted on 26 Jun 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

Cassandra Roberts of Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor LLP discusses an Australian workers' comp case involving injury to a government worker attending a conference (referred to the Australian rough sex case), the view of course and scope in Australia... Read More

As the Temperature Climbs, So Do the Rates: DE Dept. of Labor 2012-2013 Rates Released
Posted on 5 Jul 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

I may be the lone wolf (along with Mike Sensor) here in the office this happy 5th of July, but nothing is gonna get past me and as the rest of you lay on those sweltering beaches, I am up on the skinny at the Department of Labor. Which is basically money... Read More

Brain Teaser: A New Take on Head Trauma and Related Impairment in Delaware
Posted on 26 Jul 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

The summer release of IAB decisions includes two recent rulings that deal with closed head injury and claims for permanent impairment pursuant to 19 Del. Code Section 2326 . Both are claimant-friendly rulings worth sharing. Case #1: Charles Buckman... Read More

A Double Dip of Permanency as Delaware Celebrates the Fourth of July
Posted on 9 Jul 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

Hopefully you are all back at your desk after an extended holiday. My daughters are pictured above enjoying the Rockwood Ice Cream Festival this past weekend. And ice cream is about all one claimant can hope for after a recent ruling disallowing her any... Read More

Less is More—A Study in Comparative Permanency Ratings in Delaware
Posted on 8 Jun 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

First and foremost, please enjoy (above) the view of our new offices. A whole lotta white marble going on, and it's a look I can get used to. In fact, I am kind of coveting the white marble conference room tables as something that would really have... Read More

The Shalkshank Redemption: AMA Guide 6th Edition Reigns Supreme in the First State
Posted on 9 Nov 2011 by Cassandra Roberts

This is a salute to my colleague Colin Shalk, hence the title of this post. I don't know if Colin would ever hide a rock hammer in a Bible like our protagonist Andy Dufresne, but he is just as clever in the outcome of today's case du jour, with... Read More

Head Case: Superior Court Upholds Delaware IAB Decision Denying Permanent Impairment In Head Trauma Case
Posted on 23 Jan 2013 by Cassandra Roberts

Cases involving head trauma are usually taken pretty seriously by the Delaware IAB. And the experienced practitioner knows that a variety of permanency can be fleshed out of a good old-fashioned knock on the noggin. As a chronic migraine sufferer (with... Read More

David & Goliath: Army of Doctors Cannot Save Delaware Termination Petition in TBI Case
Posted on 11 Jan 2013 by Cassandra Roberts

You have to hand it to my partner Tim Lengkeek. He gets sexy cases from a litigation standpoint-many of his clients have serious if not catastrophic injury (and some of them are even dead). And today's case involves a traumatic brain injury as the... Read More

The Valentine’s Day Post: A Whitman’s Sampler of DE Motion Day Rulings
Posted on 14 Feb 2013 by Cassandra Roberts

As my girls used to say when they were little, today is a "lucky day".....which by their standards meant a special day such as when the school cafeteria was serving hot dogs and tater tots. I cherish today because this particular Valentine's... Read More

The April Fools Post: The DE Supreme Court Excludes UIM Policy Proceeds from Statutory Comp Lien
Posted on 1 Apr 2013 by Cassandra Roberts

This is serious business, folks, notwithstanding the title of today's post.....Props to Cheryl Ward of Franklin & Prokopic who, like me, spent part of her Good Friday keeping vigil over any late-breaking news in the world of comp. And heralding... Read More

Three Years Running – An Interview With Cassandra Roberts on Her Award Winning Top Blog
Posted on 8 Dec 2011 by Cassandra Roberts

Cassandra Roberts is the author of the Delaware Detour & Frolic blog, which has been honored in 2009, 2010, and 2011 as one of the LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues . Cassandra is the senior workers' compensation... Read More

Let Me Count the Ways…..That Delaware’s Watson Case Doesn’t Apply
Posted on 9 Jan 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

I am back in the saddle after a holiday break followed by a tad of illness. And as the cases fly out of the IAB at a fast and furious pace, I have been blessed to hear from Henry Davis, Walt Schmittinger, and John Gilbert regarding more Watson cases,... Read More

Sassy Cassy’s 2012 Naughty & Nice List
Posted on 19 Dec 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

Due to recent events it is highly unlikely there will be another post prior to Santa's arrival. As well all know, I like to give Santa a heads up about who's been naughty and who's been nice and it is enough of a tradition that folks have... Read More

Serial Killer: Delaware IAB Addresses the Issue of Treatment Post-UR Non-Cert…and How Long Does a UR Non-Cert “Stick”?
Posted on 16 Oct 2012 by Cassandra Roberts

I discovered for the first time since the inception of The Detour & Frolic, that there are times I just don't feel being one of them. I want to share, I want to banter, but my shoulder hurts and I am cranky form having the... Read More