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Workers' Compensation Emerging Issues Analysis - 2013 Edition: Only A Few More Days For The Special Discount Price
Posted on 23 Dec 2013 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

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Emerging Issues Analysis
Posted on 13 Jul 2010 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

Research Package Day Week Month Emerging Issues Analysis - Complete - NEW! Expert commentary and analysis of cases, codes, statutes, rulings, emerging issues or legal topics $130 $212 ... Read More

Vernon Sumwalt on North Carolina Preapproval and Awards of Retroactive Attendant Care Services
Posted on 1 Mar 2010 by Vernon R. Sumwalt

In this Emerging Issues Analysis, Vernon Sumwalt says the delay in authorizing medical compensation is viral throughout the workers' compensation system. Sumwalt analyzes the recent case of Boylan v. Verizon Wireless , in which the North Carolina... Read More