Workers' Compensation

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New York Workers’ Comp Stakeholders Continue to Absorb 2007 Reform Changes
Posted on 19 Apr 2012 by Ronald E. Weiss & Ronald Balter

During the past year, stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system in New York have continued to absorb legislative and administrative changes initiated by the 2007 reform. Maximum indemnity rates are now indexed to two-thirds of the State Average... Read More

Straight Talk About New York Workers’ Comp. Insurance Rates
Posted on 7 Apr 2010 by New York State Insurance Fund

There is always a lot of talk about what causes workers’ comp. insurance costs to increase or decrease. With all the talk lately about cost increases, it seems a good time for some straight talk about the price you pay for workers’ comp. insurance... Read More

New York Court of Appeals Upholds ATF Deposit on PPD Cases
Posted on 16 Nov 2011 by Ronald Balter

By Ronald Balter, Esq. More than four years after the legislature enacted mandatory Aggregate Trust Fund deposits in all cases in which a claimant was classified as having a permanent partial disability after July 1, 2007 and involving a private workers'... Read More

Larson’s Spotlight on Recent Cases: Presumption of Compensability for Court Reporter’s On-the-Job Aneurysm
Posted on 13 Jan 2012 by Larson's Spotlight

Larson's Spotlight on Presumption of Compensability, Social Security Offset, Exclusive Remedy and Co-Employee Immunity, and Retaliatory Discharge. Larson's surveys the latest case developments that you need to know about. Thomas A. Robinson, the... Read More