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Federal: Bankruptcy Trustee Has No Claim to Worker’s MSA Held in Bank Account
Posted on 9 Jan 2015 by Larson's Spotlight

A Federal Bankruptcy Court in Pennsylvania has held in relevant part that a Medicare Set-Aside is not subject to administration by a bankruptcy trustee because it is not property of the bankruptcy estate in spite of the fact that it might be held in a... Read More

Federal: Work Comp Insurance Adjuster’s Retaliatory Discharge Action Fails When Investigation Shows She Padded Resume and Exaggerated Employment Experience
Posted on 20 Jun 2014 by Larson's Spotlight

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a decision by a federal district court granting summary judgment in favor of an insurance company/employer sued for retaliatory discharge by a disgruntled claims adjuster, who contended she was improperly... Read More

Size Matters: NCCI Attributes Medical Costs Trends to Claim Categories
Posted on 4 Nov 2011 by John Stahl

Many studies have analyzed why the medical componen t of workers' compensation costs have risen rapidly the past several years despite the recession. Explanations for the higher costs have ranged from increased workers' compensation prescription... Read More

KY: Schmidt v. South Central Bell: Back to the Future
Posted on 30 Jun 2011 by Roland Legal PLLC

By Marcus A. Roland, Esq. Schmidt v. South Central Bell , No. 2010-CA-000986-WC (Ky. App. 2011) .The statutory amendments removing the medical expenses cap in place under KRS 342.020 as enacted in 1962 were remedial, rendering the amendments retroactive... Read More

Beat the Clock: Implied Agreement in DE Enlarges Statute of Limitations to 5 Years
Posted on 28 Jul 2011 by Cassandra Roberts

Okay this case is not really hot off the press, I am embarrassed to say. It was kindly brought to my attention by Henry Davis Esq... and supplied to me by Steve Morrow Esq. I am blogging about it with the belief that if I make a copy available with a... Read More

California EAMS: Verifications Are Now Required for Documents Filed by Lien Claimants
Posted on 23 Mar 2011 by Colleen Casey

Pop Quiz Question: When does a "lien claimant" become a party in a litigated case per 8 CCR §10210(y)? a. The lien claimant files the application b. The lien claimant files a DOR c. The underlying case has been resolved... Read More

IA: Court Denies Workers’ Comp Claim for Bowling Party Injury
Posted on 7 Oct 2010 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

Citing Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law (LexisNexis), the Iowa Court of Appeals denied the workers’ compensation claim of a man who said he sustained an injury at a company bowling party. Read it at Radio Iowa . Read More