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Depression and Absenteeism: $23 Billion in Lost Productivity for U.S Employers
Posted on 27 Jul 2013 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

Gallup recently conducted a two-year study (2011-2012) surveying 237,615 full-time employees and 66,010 part-time employees. Key findings and takeaways for the 2011-2012 study period: 1. Full-time workers diagnosed with depression missed work an... Read More

Pulling the Plug on Four Unnecessary WC Costs
Posted on 16 Jun 2010 by

Asheville, NC (CompNewsNetwork) - According to the National Safety Council’s 2010 edition of "Injury Facts," preliminary data showed the number of disabling unintentional injuries reached 3.2 million in 2008, translating into 110 million... Read More