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How To Fix Your Research Style With Nexis Hub®︎

If you scroll through a handful of job descriptions today, odds are that most—if not all—will list “proficient in research and analysis” as a requirement. But despite the need for quality research skills, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to collecting and organizing information. Some might opt for a rigid process of sourcing publications or authors with relevant expertise before diving into the data; others favor a more “choose your own adventure” approach that takes them on a long and meandering journey of collecting insights.

No matter your approach to research, though, you know how important it is to keep track of sources, avoid information loss, and capture the critical data points that support your goals. So, what's your research personality? Here, we're breaking down the most common methods of collecting and managing information—and how an intuitive new browser extension can simplify and streamline your research process.

50-Open-Tab Tanya

There is a lot of data out there; in fact, experts estimate that the world’s data output has reached 180 zettabytes. With so much information to parse, it’s only natural to have a few browser tabs—okay, possibly a few dozen—open while sourcing and organizing the right data for your business needs.

Bogging down your Google Chrome under the weight of 50+ open tabs and windows is hardly ideal, but information loss is a much bigger risk. Did you remember to save that specific data point from Deloitte to your report? Which of these tabs had the prescient quote you wanted to include in a whitepaper, and which ones were just interesting and potentially useful for next quarter’s strategic planning session? Plus, there’s the issue of organizing all those headlines, quotes, and data points, so you can easily find what you need later.

Say goodbye to tab overload and the all-too-familiar scramble for “that one article with the one really good quote.” With the Nexis® Hub browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you can capture critical information from around the web in an instant. Simply highlight the information you want to use in your projects and click to save those “snippets” of info as part of a collection of source material stored cleanly in your browser. That means no more having to jump between screens or leaving tabs open for weeks on end. Bonus: The Nexis Hub tool integrates with Microsoft Word too, letting you add your snippets into a working doc, instead of copying them from your browser collection.

Source-Tracking Sam

In the age of rampant misinformation and “fake news,” it’s never been more important to double-check your claims and properly cite your sources, especially if you’re working in journalism or competitive intelligence. But if you’re pulling data from dozens of different sources across the web, it can be difficult to keep everything straight—and a misattributed quote can be a major hit to your credibility. In 2022, for example, USA Today when it was revealed that a reporter had misattributed quotes across a wide swath of her reporting.

Protect your credibility and reputation with Nexis Hub, which automatically saves important metadata and source links to all saved research snippets—so you can keep researching with the knowledge that you’ll be able to return to your saved sources as needed. Plus, you can capture content from anywhere on the internet, including products like Nexis®Nexis NewsdeskTm and Nexis Diligence+Tm…even the source material you find on Google.

Big-Picture Ben

Specific data points are important, but when it comes to identifying actionable insights, there’s also value in zooming out to spot trends, anomalies, or deviations from the norm—and with Nexis Hub, it’s easy to see the big picture, faster.

As you’re snipping and saving important information, Nexis Hub organizes all your research in one location (accessible through Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and Word) for a broad, holistic view of your findings. By seeing your research in full context in a consistent, easy-to-scan format, you can more efficiently identify patterns, recurring themes, or variations in coverage to determine exactly what insights to highlight in your reports. These collections are also searchable: if you need to find mentions of sustainability or ESG in your saved snippets, for instance, simply type in the specific keywords you’re looking for. And since your data is automatically saved as you’re digging for information, you’ll never have to worry about losing links to computer crashes or copy/paste errors.

Ready to bring clarity to your research chaos and accelerate your time to insights and action? Get started with Nexis Hub today.


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