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When to Call in the Experts

Today’s PR specialists shoulder many responsibilities—but there is perhaps nothing more fundamental to a successful communications strategy than ongoing media monitoring. After all, how can you accurately measure the effectiveness of your key messages or conduct competitive research if you don’t understand how your brand is being portrayed?

While automated solutions are ideal for day-in, day-out media monitoring needs, sometimes your reporting needs a bit of a human touch. That’s when you can rely on the Nexis® Media Intelligence Research & Analytics team to cut through the noise, identify critical insights, and stay on top of your brand’s performance. Here are a few situations when you can call on the experts for backup.

When your brand is having a “moment”

For pivotal events like a product launch, strategic announcement, or an unexpected crisis, it’s critical to capture every single mention of your brand across traditional and social media sources and understand how they help (or hurt) your strategy.

When automated monitoring just isn’t enough, that’s the time to call on our seasoned experts for customized, in-depth analysis. Armed with the most comprehensive global dataset on the market, the Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics team will dig into your media coverage to determine how your brand is being portrayed, capturing metrics like your leading coverage drivers, key messaging, and most vocal influencers—as well as the qualitative insights behind these results. Plus, rest assured that you’ll capture coverage from around the world; our team can analyze and summarize articles in over 90 different languages.

When you need an unbiased perspective

Not seeing the desired results from your PR efforts, or concerned about the overall health of your brand? It might be time to schedule a check-up with an unbiased third party.

Capture a complete picture of your brand’s overall performance, strengths, and weaknesses with a Brand Health Report from Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics. By examining your volume of coverage, reach, and key messages communicated, our team can identify what events caused spikes or dips in your media coverage and why your brand was praised or vilified—empowering your team to develop informed strategies for course correction.

Plus, our experts can conduct a more thorough and granular sentiment analysis than can be captured through automated solutions. With Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics, you can go beyond the “positive-neutral-negative” assessment and receive more refined analyses with 5-point, 7-point, or 9-point scales. In addition, we can assign a numeric scoring system to these sentiment options to calculate an average score per article.

When you’re working with tight deadlines or limited resources

Regardless of your best laid plans and detailed Gantt charts, there will always be busy periods when you’re working against the clock and can use an extra hand.

If you’re up against strict deadlines (like submitting end-of-year reports or finalizing a pitch deck for a prospective client) or find yourself unexpectedly short a team member, the Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics team can step up, so your regular media monitoring doesn’t fall to the wayside.  Whether you need quick snapshots that compile media performance data, deep dive reports with in-depth analysis, or curated newsletters that summarize the stories that matter most to your stakeholders, our experts will harness unmatched source data and years of experience to deliver the insights you need, whenever you need it.

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