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Research, Simplified. Meet Nexis®︎ Hub

Research, Simplified.

Thorough, efficient research has never been more important than it is today. More organizations and workers are using data to make critical business decisions and optimize nearly every aspect of their work. Meanwhile, misinformation and “fake news” continue to muddy the waters in journalism and the corporate sector.

It makes sense, then, that professionals around the globe are invested in finding solutions that can streamline their research workflow. No matter your industry or job title, the ability to find, organize and process information quickly has become an essential skill. Thankfully, a new tool is here to make this process easier than ever.

Meet Nexis® Hub: A new way to gather, organize and report out research findings. With this intuitive solution , professionals from all industries can easily collect snippets from Nexis®and across the web (along with valuable URLs and metadata) through a simple browser extension—then access, organize and synthesize their research within Microsoft Word. Whether you’re analyzing competitors, identifying opportunities for growth, double-checking sources or conducting due diligence, Nexis® Hub will streamline the process of gathering, evaluating and sharing data.

Here are three ways that Nexis® Hub can transform your research workflow.

Save time and stay focused.

It’s no secret that proper research can be a time-consuming task. But with Nexis® Hub, there’s no need to start and stop your research process as you collect your findings. Just snag information from Nexis® and from across the web through our simple browser extension, and your selected snippets are saved in a collection that you can access through Microsoft Word. Users can save a significant percentage of the time it takes to complete the tasks of manually gathering, collating, and sharing information. In fact, we’re hearing from our first users that Nexis® Hub can save them 50% of the time they spend on researching—freeing up hours each week to spend on other important tasks.

A smarter copy/paste.

Never again will you have to panic when you realize that you’ve misplaced the source of a critical data point. When you save a snippet from Nexis® or elsewhere on the web, your selected data is automatically saved with corresponding links and important metadata, so you’ll always know where your information was sourced—mitigating risk and keeping your organization accountable.

Supercharge your existing Nexis products.

You don’t need to have an existing subscription with Nexis® to use Nexis® Hub—but if you’re already a subscriber, this tool works seamlessly with other LexisNexis products (including Nexis® for Development Professionals, Nexis Newsdesk® and Nexis® Diligence). And even if you’re working from multiple research sources from around the web, you can rest assured that all the information you collect will be saved to a central and secure space with consistent formatting for easy review.

Are you ready to empower your workflow and supercharge your research strategy? Get started with Nexis® Hub.


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