Your law firm's finances, simplified

Manage billing, accounting, travel & expense and more in one streamlined financial management solution

Does the work so you don't have to

Spend less time creating and updating billing and accounting reports

Data-driven financial management

Gain insight into billing and accounting processes

Focus more on what you do best

Improve decision-making with reports and dashboards that help you align your efforts with strategic business priorities

A trusted financial management solution used by over 1,700 law firms nationwide

Juris®, helping law firms for over 30 years, brings law firms savings through efficient accounting and billing management, while reducing the overall time spent on collections activities. Largely used by legal administrators, Juris streamlines payables and accounts receivable, while giving detailed reporting insight.

Juris is a great fit for any law firm looking for:

  • A solution to malpractice worries around mishandled bills and trust account issues
  • Ways to find more efficiency and translate those gains into more billable hours
  • More insight into billing and accounting processes

See What's New:
Juris 2.8.1 - Now Available!

The most widely used legal financial management software in its class is going even further to make your work life easier. The latest release of Juris® software is available now.

More stable, more powerful, and featuring improved navigation, Juris 2.8.1 builds on the 80 enhancements, making it an even more valuable billing, accounting, and reporting tool.

What’s New in Juris 2.8.1

  • Quick Nav Check Number Search to Cash Receipt Lookup makes finding information easier and faster.
  • Quick Nav Posted Status to Check Number Lookup saves users time and effort.
  • Windows Server 2016 and Windows SQL Server 2016 Certification gives firms the option of deploying:
    • the latest Windows Server OS upon purchase of new server or upgrade, or
    • the latest version of SQL Server OS, which also applies to Juris 2.6.1 users who wish to remain on that version.
Juris 2.8.1 delivers even more ways to chart your firm’s financial future. Contact us to learn more about Juris 2.8.1.
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