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LexisNexis Third-Party Integrations

LexisNexis Practice Management Solutions are proud to integrate with industry-leading feature providers for law firms, corporations and public sector entities.  Not all partners integrate with every LexisNexis Practice Management solution, and our list of partners is growing all of the time. Additional fees may apply.

To view the full list of Third Party Integrations, click the links below for each solution.  In addition, visit for more information.


ADP helps firms spend less time figuring out complex payroll requirements, workflow and other unbillable tasks—and more focus on clients.  With ADP, firms can process payroll,print checks or pay employees by direct deposit, file federal taxes electronically and more.  To learn more about ADP, visit

ADP is available for PCLaw customers.  


Artina helps firms spend less time dealing with monitoring form stocks, checks and tax forms.  With integrated forms processing, Artina lets firms focus more on clients and less on routine administrative tasks.  To learn more about Artina, visit

Artina is available for PCLaw, Time Matters and Juris customers.


Chrometa is a LexisNexis Gateway partner that helps firms capture more billable time in email, online research, phone calls and more through automatic, passive timekeeping that makes times obsolete.   To learn more about Chrometa, visit

To use Chrometa, download the LexisNexis Gateway connector from here, free of charge.

Chrometa is available through LexisNexis Gateway for Time Matters 15 customers who have an active Annual Maintenance Plan and who have either Billing Matters or Time Matters Basic Billing enabled.



eBillingHub is a simple, cost-effective solution to help law firms deliver trouble-free electronic billing service to their clients while better managing receivables, reducing write-downs, and dramatically improving cash flow.  To learn more about eBillingHub, visit

eBillingHub is available for Juris customers.



iTimeKeep helps to easily record and log billable time contemporaneously through innovative mobile time capture solutions.  With iTimeKeep, record time spent on phone calls, emails and research for clients from any device.  To learn more about iTimeKeep, visit

iTimeKeep is available for Juris Suite customers.


OpenEdge helps firms spend less time dealing with payments and costly collections through streamlined payment processing.  In addition to providing industry-leading security, compliance fraud alerts through OpenEdge bring a peace of mind to law firms.  To learn more about OpenEdge, visit

OpenEdge is available for PCLaw customers.

About LexisNexis Gateway: LexisNexis Gateway is your new connector to a growing list of third-party partners enabling firms to gain additional value from LexisNexis software.  LexisNexis Gateway provides the direct connection between listed LexisNexis Gateway partners and LexisNexis Law Firm Practice Management software.  That saves time and money trying to complete complex integrations!  Currently, LexisNexis Gateway is available for current users of Time Matters 15 who have an active Annual Maintenance Plan.  The LexisNexis Gateway connector can be downloaded from here , free of charge.

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