'''Spreadsheet download''' provides the ability to export news results as a spreadsheet, providing a new download option and allowing users to better analyze news results. Users may select news documents in their results set and download as an Excel file. Each spreadsheet will automatically include data from the Date, Publication, Headline, Byline, Dateline, Section, and Length segments. Optional segments that may be selected are Company, Organization, Geography, Subject, HLead, Person, Industry and Ticker.

To access this new feature:
* Click on the Download Documents icon on the top right of the results page.
[[Image: DSpreadsheet1.jpg]]

* From the Format dropdown, select “Excel.”
[[Image: DSpreadsheet2.jpg]]

* Under Document View, click the “Modify” link to select additional segments for inclusion.
[[Image: DSpreadsheet3.jpg]]

* Click “Download” and receive your results as a .CSV file
[[Image: Spreadsheet5.jpg]]

This new feature enables better analysis of news coverage for any topic and will allow researchers to quickly answer questions such as:
* How do different newspapers compare in their coverage of a topic, both in terms of volume and placement of stories?
* Which political candidates are getting the most mentions in the top national and regional papers?
* Which industries or companies are coming under increasing scrutiny or regulatory activity?
* How has the coverage of a particular international conflict changed over time?