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Legal Citation Help
==About the Canadian Cases Search Form==
The Canadian Cases search form is located in the International Legal section of LexisNexis Academic. You can perform various tasks on the US Canadian Cases search form such as:

*Find a Case by Legal Citation
*Find a Case on a specific topic
*Find a case in a specific Canadian Province by a particular judge
*Find a case that occurred during a certain period of time

Please see the article on Legal Citation Formats.

==Search Terms==
The "Search terms" section allows you to input your own key terms. In this search box, you can put words or phrases that convey a particular topic, like "abortion." For example, if you need to find articles by a specific citation, type the citation in the guided search box. In addition to a full text search, use the guided boxes to find cases:

*by Citation
*by Case Name
*by Legal Topics
*by Judge
*by Jurisdiction

==Specify Date==
One of the most efficient ways to narrow your results set is by specifying the date. If you're researching a current event, try narrowing the date to the last 6 months. If you're researching a past event, use the "Is Between..." option to set the dates yourself. Choosing a time period to search through will change your results drastically. You will be much more likely to find relevant results.

Select a Jurisdiction from the drop-down box.

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