==About the Country Information Form==
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The Country Information form is located in the "Country Information" Section of LexisNexis Academic. On this form you can find country profiles and facts by doing the following:

*Select a Country from the Drop-Down list
*Specify a Date
*Select a Source to search within a particular publication or group file

==Select Sources==
Users can select one of the following sources, depending on the type of information they would like to find.

*'''Business Monitor International''' is a leading source of news, analysis, data, and forecasts on financial, economic, and political developments in emerging markets. Senior executives at multinational companies, banks, research centres, and governments constitute the primary audience for its weekly and monthly newsletters.
*'''Country Briefings''' provides carefully researched aggregated Briefings on 32 countries that help you identify commercial opportunities and avoid financial pitfalls. (note that this source is not currently updated, archive information only.)
*'''PRS Risk Guide and Service''' is an aggregated source of the "PRS International Country Risk Guide" and the "PRS Political Risk Service". The International Country Risk Guide International Country Risk Guide provides in-depth analyses of every factor that could affect business, trade or investments in countries around the world. Each report covers politics, economic policy, extensive analysis of
economic trends and an assessment of the country's financial condition. The PRS Political Risk Service presents accurate and rigorous analysis of present and future political and economic conditions in the 85 countries most important to international business. The reports are invaluable in planning for changes in
government and essential in making decisions about upcoming projects.

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