Immigration is at the front of the United States' social discourse. Being that the United States is largely populated by immigrants and ancestors of immigrants, the issue of Immigrants and Immigrants' rights are quite controversial. Since there are so many news stories about Immigration being published everyday, the widget to the right provides links to the latest news articles from Major World Publications inside of LexisNexis. Updates to this widget are in real time, so you may reload this page and see a new story pop up. These stories will not direct you to the articles inside LexisNexis Academic, but rather, are a part of the LexisNexis News publisher feed.

To find news stories in Academic, the best way to search is to [[Power Search: Use the Index|use the index]]. Start on the PowerSearch form. Then, click the link to add index terms. The following terms may be very helpful in your search:

*Immigration, Citizenship & Displacement
*Immigration Law
*US State Immigration Law

===Best Sources===
If you are looking for a more specific source to search, try these subscriber links to sources within Academic. You will not be able to access the links if you are not on campus or signed into the LexisNexis Academic service:

[ New York Times-Immigration Law Stories] searches all Immigration Law stories in the New York times archive <br>
[ Georgetown Immigration Law Journal]<br>
[ Federal Immigration Cases] searches all United States federal immigration cases.</TD>
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