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Miss a LexisNexis Webinar?

Miss a LexisNexis® Webinar?

No worries! LexisNexis gives you the information you need, when you need it. 

Best Practices in Early Case Assessment & Resolution: Strategies & Tactics for Better Decision Making
When you’re assessing a case, how can you determine whether to allocate resources now to defend the lawsuit or settle, or to defer defense costs to a later budget cycle? What can you do to make the best possible decision for the company? How do you most effectively articulate complex considerations and recommendations to management? Listen in to discover best practices in early case assessment, with interactive discussion of such topics as:

• Balancing the motivation to defer costs against potential harm to future defenses
• Illustrations of cases worthy of earlier and more concentrated investment
• Pros and cons of written case-assessment protocols
• Methodologies for reviewing case-assessment protocol effectiveness
• The right time for a company to involve outside counsel
• Knowing when to turn to ADR

Whistle-blowers: Friend or Foe to Industry, Litigation and Society?
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest cases and changes in laws. Plus, hear details of the whistle-blower provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act and the U.S. health care overhaul—expected to cause a huge surge in whistle-blower activity—and more. Listen today and learn how to keep pace with this swiftly changing and burgeoning arena, and advise management on the best ways to cope with it. Experts discuss topics such as:

• The False Claims Act
• The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010
• The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act of 2010
• How whistle-blower cases impact industry, related litigation and society
• Recent cases: What’s different? What are the damages?

In-House Counsel: Selection of Experts—Critical to the Failure or Success of Your Case
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest trends in witness selection. Gain invaluable insight on the subject—as well as a competitive advantage. Plus, hear inside details of what actual expert witnesses have to say about the selection process—and much more. Listen to the recording today and find out how to be more actively involved in expert witness selection to help ensure the success of your case. Our panel of leaders—including experienced in-house counsel, seasoned litigators and actual experts—discuss the strategies you need to help you control costs and ensure expert readiness. We have prepared an interactive discussion on topics such as:

• Why you should be involved in expert selection
• Best practices for assisting your outside counsel
• Gauging the appropriate level of in-house counsel involvement
• Ensuring that expert witnesses are well prepared for testimony
• How to negotiate and reduce expert fees
• Utilizing experts to help you achieve early case resolution
• Understanding the expert’s point of view on selection

Secure Your Company’s Data and Reputation—Protect it from Cyber Security Damage
Don't miss out! In this Webinar, hear the latest on cyber security disasters. Now among the top threats facing companies today, these events often lead to costly class-action lawsuits. From accidental leaks of non-public information to the illicit harvesting of information posted on social networks, the risks to your company's global data and reputation are stunning—and often unavoidable.  Gain strategic guidance from a panel of leaders who can help you to learn how to assure your company's security.  Listen in for an interactive discussion of such topics as:

• Corporate data privacy compliance—current trends, issues and solutions
• Data privacy in the U.S.—making sense of the differences between state and federal laws
• Common causes of incidents and best response practice
• Understanding coverage opportunities in the event of a breach
• And much more!

Understanding The Dodd-Frank Act—Critical to the Success or Failure of Your Company
Are you ready to address the massive changes to the U.S. financial system caused by the Dodd-Frank Act? An expansive and complex federal statute designed to promote financial stability via increased accountability, the Act will affect consumers and businesses alike.  Ensure that your legal staff members are prepared for the enhanced disclosure requirements and understand the impact of this law on non-financial companies. Listen as our panel of experts engage in an interactive discussion of topics such as:

• The Dodd-Frank Act and its key provisions
• The Federal Reserve’s new charter and the creation of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
• New financial products that are emerging as a result of the Act
• Unintentional consequences of the Act on non-financial companies
• Global impact: How will U.S. firms compete worldwide in light of new regulations?
• The Dodd-Frank Act’s impact on the insurance industry—including state laws, reinsurance, international issues and surplus lines

Be in the Know!
The LexisNexis® “First to Know Webinar Series” gives you a sneak peek at the latest solutions and product enhancements in the corporate legal market. Catch the latest on conducting due diligence research and mitigating FCPA risks in this quick 20-minute Webinar: First to Know Webinar: Mitigating FCPA Risks. In this Webinar, we discuss how the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission are aggressively enforcing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Corporations are paying millions in fines for these violations and potentially risking their corporation’s reputation in the process. Are you concerned that your company’s third-party channel partners, suppliers, acquisitions or other business alliances could put your corporation at risk?

*CLE credit will not be given for viewing the recorded Webinars.