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New eLearning coming soon!

New eLearning coming soon!

We are excited to tip our hand and let you be among the first to know that we are releasing a new series of eLearning modules and accompanying materials for our TotalPatent® and PatentOptimizer™ solutions.

We are proud that LexisNexis® continues to provide customers with two of the most highly regarded and trusted IP products in the marketplace today. (In fact, PatentOptimizer™ recently received its own patent—major recognition for this product.) And we are committed to providing users with the latest training tools in support of these products. In response to frequent requests from customers for online/on-demand training, LexisNexis is investing in the eLearning experience through the development of a new online training portal for these two products. Through the portal, customers can view a series of engaging and informative videos and documents that will provide them with easy-to-use instructions on the most effective ways to leverage TotalPatent® and PatentOptimizer™. Customers will be able to access the eLearning tools 24/7 at their convenience: either in the office or on the go.

Release of the eLearning tools is planned for January, 2013.

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