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Protecting Your Brand in Social Media | A LexisNexis® OnDemand Webinar

Recording Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013 | Duration: 95 minutes | VIEW NOW |


Employees’ use of social media presents challenges for employers that are constantly growing and changing in nature and complexity. Prudent employers are right to be concerned about these challenges. For example, the National Labor Relations Board continues to sanction employers for their policies and practices that the Board believes are violating employee rights. Other dangers include the threat posed to employers’ trade secrets by employees using social media and the explosion of social media data available and potentially relevant to employment litigation. In this 95-minute webinar, a panel of in-house and outside counsel will discuss many of the difficulties posed by employee social media use and provide some practical advice on facing these challenges in today’s business environment.


Topics to be covered include:

•NLRB recent cases and decisions:

•Social Media best practices and policies for employers

•Allowance of social media in hiring decisions

•Protecting Your Brand in the Social Media Era

             –Copyright/trademark violations

             –Bad press and/or defamation by former employees and others

• Defaming social media and your potential actions

• “Shot across the bow”/ cease & desist letter

•Defamation claims

•Employee/ Employer relationships in social media recommendations

•Social Media as Evidence for Discovery/Trial



Christopher Calsyn, Esq.
Crowell & Moring

Robyn Diaz, Esq.
Interim Chief Legal Officer,
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Terri R. Stewart, Esq.
Fisher & Phillips LLP

Jessica Hodkinson, Esq.
Counsel, Avaya, Inc.