Media Analysis Shows America Isn’t Ready to Dump Trump
Posted on 02-29-2016 by Megan Burnside

Media analysis points to what many Americans likely already know: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will probably secure their respective party’s nomination for President of the United States. As for Marco Rubio’s impassioned debate performance…... Read More

US vs International Election Media Coverage: Donald Trump is One of the Most Talked-About Americans
Posted on 02-26-2016 by Megan Burnside

Which issues and candidates in the U.S. presidential election are making headlines in international media? New analysis by LexisNexis Newsdesk shows a stark contrast between U.S. media coverage and that from other nations. The analysis was performed on... Read More

Candidate Polarization: Media Monitoring Reveals Trends
Posted on 02-25-2016 by Megan Burnside

A Jet Blue ad has been making the rounds across social media. Have you seen it? An airline executive boards the flight to inform the travelers that they can each have a free, round-trip ticket to any domestic or international destination Jet Blue flies... Read More

Know Your Vendors: Risks of Modern Slavery Demand Due Diligence
Posted on 02-24-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

The passage of the UK Modern Slavery Act last October means that a large number of companies must now attest to the risk mitigation processes used to keep forced labor out of their supply chains. The annual Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement is required... Read More

Is Your Due-Diligence Process on Automatic Pilot?
Posted on 02-24-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

Cruise control comes in handy, especially when you’re hitting the road for an extended trip—for business or pleasure. Yet, as much as you appreciate the ability maintain a consistent speed on a straight-away, you still have to remain alert... Read More

Will Jeb's and Marco's Media Coverage Impact SC Election Results?
Posted on 02-19-2016 by Megan Burnside

The stakes are high. The South Carolina primary will either boost or blow a Republican candidate’s shot at the presidential nomination. Historically, South Carolina has been a fierce battleground state for the Republican Party. The winner of... Read More

Media Trends You Need to Know: Information Security is in the Spotlight
Posted on 02-18-2016 by Megan Burnside

From governments and healthcare companies to retailers and financial leaders, no one seems to be able to avoid information security implications. Last year, some of the world’s biggest brands—Anthem, Target, Experian and the IRS, to name just... Read More

Which Brands Won the Super Bowl? See what Media Monitoring Revealed.
Posted on 02-12-2016 by Megan Burnside

Football fan or not, last weekend’s Super Bowl probably captured your attention. Was it the rivalry between a young upstart quarterback and a seasoned veteran? Maybe the half-time entertainment is more your thing. Or perhaps, you were one of the... Read More

Why Mapping Out a Due-Diligence Process is Critical for Financial Services Companies
Posted on 02-10-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

On November 3, 2015, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the hiring of Hui Chen as a full-time compliance expert for its Fraud Section. Chen previously served as the Global Head for Anti-Bribery and Corruption at Standard Chartered Bank, implementing... Read More

Media Monitoring Matchup: The Presidential Race vs Super Bowl 50
Posted on 02-05-2016 by Megan Burnside

What’s a hotter media topic, Super Bowl 50 or the presidential election? If you’re one of the estimated 189 million who are expected to watch, stream or follow Sunday’s big game—or if you’re a fan of the Panthers or Broncos—you... Read More

Media Monitoring: Was Iowa the Start of an Election Trend or Anomaly?
Posted on 02-04-2016 by Megan Burnside

Iowa isn’t in the media spotlight often, but when it is … watch out! On Monday, Iowans headed out to high school gymnasiums, private homes and other venues to participate in the first primary event of this long presidential election season... Read More

Are ties to global sports organizations exposing you to corruption risk?
Posted on 02-03-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

This Sunday, football fans will be gathering—at the stadium as well as in living rooms and sports bars across the country—to watch the Super Bowl. And it’s not just the sports fans who will tune in. Despite the fact that many consumers... Read More

Step Up Your Risk Assessments for Pharma-focused Due Diligence
Posted on 02-01-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Bio-Technology—all of these industries face great challenges when it comes to proactively mitigating risk. When PwC interviewed Horizon Pharma president and CEO Timothy P. Walbert for its annual CEO Survey, Walbert... Read More