3 Ways Media Monitoring Captures Campaign Issues
Posted on 03-31-2016 by Megan Burnside

Can you imagine the pressure today’s campaign managers and communication directors face on the road to the White House? In the pre-digital communication era, those jobs were downright easy compared to the 24/7 news cycles of today. Plus, good news... Read More

Are You Looking Far & Wide for Property Ownership Records?
Posted on 03-30-2016 by Janelle Coates

A series of Zillow TV commercials offer up heartwarming stories, always ending with a tagline, “Whatever home means to you, we’ll help you find it.” The ads are moving and powerful, but these 30-second snapshots of people finding their... Read More

Could Media Intelligence Have Saved Your Busted Bracket?
Posted on 03-24-2016 by Megan Burnside

Day 1 of the NCAA® Basketball Tourney last Thursday—otherwise known as the start of March Madness®—didn’t hold a lot of surprises. Sure, there were a couple of 12 th -seed upsets of their 5 th -seed opponents, but it was on Friday... Read More

Managing Compliance Risk as U.S. Relations with Cuba Evolve
Posted on 03-23-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

Earlier this week, President Obama became the first sitting American president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge. When Air Force One landed in Havana, Obama tweeted , “¿Que bolá Cuba? Just touched down here, looking forward to meeting... Read More

Three Steps to Ensure Your Competitive Intelligence Works for You
Posted on 03-22-2016 by Janelle Coates

Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes is frequently quoted in forums and blogs related to competitive intelligence (CI). After all, he was obsessed with data. In The Boscombe Valley Mystery , for example, Holmes says, “You know my method. It is founded... Read More

Monitoring Trends: What The 2016 Presidential Primaries Teach Us
Posted on 03-18-2016 by Megan Burnside

This primary season is turning out to be a game changer for everyone involved, including the candidates, the voters and the media. From candidates that were first considered true political outliers—like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders—gaining... Read More

Bribery and Corruption Risk Increases for 2016
Posted on 03-17-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

For the last five years, Ethisphere and Kroll have teamed up to conduct an annual survey of compliance professionals across the globe to understand the key anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) trends that impact companies. As this year’s title suggests... Read More

Using Deeper News and Business Research to Enhance PR Efforts
Posted on 03-15-2016 by Janelle Coates

Every PR professional understands the need to monitor the media to stay abreast with what happening with clients, their customers, competitors and industry at large. But have you considered how an extra layer of news and business research can give your... Read More

Supply Chain Predictions from Industry Experts
Posted on 03-14-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

In recent years, Mark Dunn, Segment Leader for Entity Due Diligence & Monitoring at LexisNexis, has organized virtual panels to probe for insights from supply chain gurus around the globe. This year was no exception, and Mark recently provided this... Read More

Election 2016 Remains Unpredictable Even as Candidates Prepare for Battleground Primaries
Posted on 03-11-2016 by Megan Burnside

Predicting the outcome of this election is like trying to sneeze with your eyes open; it can’t be done. As the candidates prepare for primaries in Ohio and Florida—two big battleground states whose delegates are up for grabs on March 15—media... Read More

Three Ways to Use Media Intelligence and Research to Grow Your PR Business
Posted on 03-11-2016 by Megan Burnside

Below is a guest post by Maureen Ramos, Client Manager at LexisNexis. Media intelligence and research are crucial to your success, but the prospect of identifying insights from the constant flow of information that is being created can be daunting... Read More

Four Reasons Why You Need Company Hierarchies Data
Posted on 03-08-2016 by Mary Frericks

Knowledge management expert Karl M. Wiig once said that “Knowledge is the fundamental factor—the major enabler—of enterprise performance.” Talk about pressure. But recognizing the important role that an information professional... Read More

Media Intelligence on Oscar Night’s Big Winners
Posted on 03-03-2016 by Megan Burnside

Media Intelligence on Oscar Night’s Big Winners The 88 th Academy Awards held last Sunday featured a frenzy of photographers and fans, a red carpet studded with Hollywood’s film-making elite and a protest led by Al Sharpton outside the... Read More

Media Coverage Didn't Completely Predict Primary Wins
Posted on 03-02-2016 by Megan Burnside

It stands to reason that the percentage of media coverage each candidate has received—also known as their share of voice—should predict the outcomes of state primaries and caucuses. Newspapers, radio stations, news websites and TV networks... Read More

Strategies for Managing Risk from the GFMI Conference
Posted on 03-02-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

Just a few weeks ago, the GFMI conference brought together experts and leaders from across the financial services industry to share their strategies and insights in managing risk. Naturally, due diligence and third-party risk featured heavily in discussions... Read More