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Turning Trends Into Stories with Media Monitoring

Posted on 06-06-2016 by Megan Burnside

Our ever-evolving world has little room for constants. Don’t believe me? Just ask those bell-bottomed jeans buried in your closet. Are you shaking your head “no” while planking on a park bench? I bet your Gameboy begs to differ. Nowadays, trends are changing almost as fast as you can say, “This burnt orange shag carpet is a good idea.”

Just as consumers are looking for the latest and greatest inventions, readers are seeking the most relevant, engaging and newsworthy content. If the masses desire up-to-date information on current issues and phenomenon, quickly identifying trends and converting them to stories is of the utmost importance. Using a media-monitoring solution such as LexisNexis Newsdesk is an effectiveand easyway to do so.

As previously mentioned on our blog, sometimes sorting through big data can be tedious. With data visualization and media-monitoring tools, this swarm of information can become easily-digestible content. Therefore, these tools will not only help you discover what others are buzzing about, but can also identify how coverage for said trend has changed over time.

By centering your content around pertinent topics and connecting its relevance to readers, your stories can appeal to a wider audience. From the environment to the 2016 presidential race to wearable tech and more, many growing trends have been at the forefront of our discussions this year.

And with the NBA Finals in full swing, basketball media darling Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has stayed top of mindespecially after nabbing his second straight Kia MVP award on May 10, becoming the first unanimous winner in NBA history. Media monitoring tools provide in-the-moment information regarding his article sentiment, media coverage over time and powerful insight revealing which states are discussing him the most.





Curry’s share of voice with MVP runner-ups Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs and LeBron “The King” James of the Cleveland Cavaliers shows the latter’s royal reign falls short when it comes to Curry’s media coverage.



But, monitoring tools won’t only come in handy when catering your content to media-savvy readers. Analyzing your company’s media coverage can help you pinpoint developing trends in data, and tapping into these can allow you to connect with constituents in a timely manner.

Are customers consistently vocalizing confusion about one of your products? Write a how-to guide that includes helpful tips and tricks. If viewers are enthusiastic about one of your initiatives, create content that centers around its most exciting elements.

No matter your angle, there is always a story to find and a story to connect back to your audience. Media-monitoring tools can help you take advantage of any trend almost as fast as you can say, “This dabbing dance move is fun!”

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