Bringing artificial intelligence into the risk management process
Posted on 10-16-2019 by Lisa Thompson

Are your financial risk management decisions informed by artificial intelligence? Increasingly, organizations face significant challenges when it comes to managing risk, but AI can help. What do you need to know? We tackled that topic recently when we teamed up with Gary Moore, Ally Bank’s Director... Read More

Confused by Conglomerates? Consider These Three Things When Researching Corporate Ownership.
Posted on 07-08-2019 by Korinne Bressler

There is a difference between brand identity and corporate identity but finding the latter may prove to be more difficult than reading the name on a label. While the average consumer in a retail store may not know—or indeed have a desire to know—who owns each product in their shopping cart... Read More

Four Tips to Compile a Competitive Data Dossier
Posted on 04-30-2019 by Korinne Bressler

In the information age, data serves as the ultimate currency. Advertisers pay for it, platforms build empires on top of it, and researchers devote significant resources to find it. Yet much like currency, not all data holds equal value. Instead of using up resources researching the information-age equivalent... Read More

What Does Machine Learning Have to Do with Identifying Risk?
Posted on 05-09-2018 by Lisa Thompson

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence whereby computers use algorithms to analyse data to identify patterns and build predictive models. With a minimum of human intervention, the models are automatically adapted to produce increasingly reliable and insightful results as they are exposed... Read More

Rise in Donations Means Universities Need First-Class Due Diligence
Posted on 02-23-2018 by Lisa Thompson

Universities in the United States received a record $43.6 billion in donations from individuals, companies and organisations in 2017. But recent scandals show that universities must not neglect due diligence on the source of these donations. Top marks for university fundraisers 2017 was... Read More

Harness the Power of History to Sharpen Your Data Today
Posted on 01-29-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Hire dates. Business acquisitions. Product launches. From the moment we celebrate our first milestones to marking important business events, we learn early that history matters. It gives us a sense of significance, relevance and perspective. Now, more often than not, we’re... Read More

Get the Most Out of Competitive Intelligence
Posted on 05-08-2017 by Anna Stevens

F ictional detective Sherlock Holmes is frequently quoted in forums and blogs related to competitive intelligence (CI). After all, he was obsessed with data. In The Boscombe Valley Mystery, for example, Holmes says, “You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.” He isn’t... Read More

Get the Information You Need for SWOT Analysis
Posted on 08-31-2016 by Janelle Coates

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats—when you boil SWOT analysis down to the individual components, it sounds simple. Yet as anyone who has conducted a SWOT analysis knows, gathering the business intelligence you need represents one of the most important—and challenging—aspects... Read More

Business Intelligence Lessons Real Estate Pros Can Learn from the CIA
Posted on 07-29-2016 by Janelle Coates

The Central Intelligence Agency got its start 69 years ago today when President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act. What—you may wonder—does that have to do with your real estate business? More than you might think. While the business intelligence you gather may not impact national... Read More

Time for a change? A Better Approach to Real Estate Research
Posted on 01-29-2016 by Mary Frericks

Poor Alice. She followed a white rabbit (in a waistcoat, no less) down a hole and finds herself lost. For some reason, the story reminds me of research on the open Web. It begins with a question—usually from your boss—like, “How can we make our team more LEAN?” You start to answer... Read More

4 Ways Nexis Alerts Changes Make Your Job Easier
Posted on 12-04-2015 by Mary Frericks

At LexisNexis, we are always looking for ways to enhance our market research tools to help you get your work done more efficiently. Here’s the scoop on the latest changes designed to do just that. This weekend, you’ll see several updates to Nexis® Alerts, designed to make it easier... Read More

From the expert: trend spotting for a smarter sales team
Posted on 10-12-2015 by Mary Frericks

In collaboration with the Special Libraries Association Business & Finance division, LexisNexis is proud to sponsor this informative Webinar: Using Media Intelligence and Data Visualization to Provide Strategic Insight on October 27th. Register now to reserve your spot! Christine Hayes , Market... Read More

A quick way to avoid a #marketingfail
Posted on 09-29-2015 by Mary Frericks

You’ve seen the merciless reactions to a deemed #marketingfail. Those missteps can catch explosive attention in the media almost immediately. In the past 7 days alone the hashtag has reached over 175,000 people on Twitter. Chances are, you saw or even criticized some of the biggest brand fails... Read More

Awareness Improves Your Ability to Avoid—or Ride Out—Disasters
Posted on 09-15-2015 by Mary Frericks

Natural and man-made disasters occur all too frequently. Last year alone, the world was rocked by a total of 336 catastrophic events , including 189 natural and 147 man-made disasters. In the past week, we’ve seen headlines following landslides and unprecedented flooding in Japan sharing the spotlight... Read More

3 things to consider when assessing your business intelligence needs
Posted on 08-27-2015 by Mary Frericks

The pressure is on. Every day, you’re tasked with providing business intelligence to support decision making across your organization. It’s an intimidating assignment when you consider all of the information being generated. According to a post on, human knowledge doubled... Read More

Ditch Dumpster Diving. Monitor Media to Ethically Collect Competitive Intelligence.
Posted on 08-14-2015 by Megan Burnside

Competitive intelligence can be extremely valuable for informing strategic business decisions about your products, messaging, business expansions, customers and more. But when does competitive research slip into the more morally ambiguous areas of corporate espionage? Corporate espionage isn’t... Read More

How to Share Business Intelligence So It Gets Read
Posted on 08-13-2015 by Mary Frericks

When it comes to email triage, company newsletters often get relegated to the end of the line, even among the most highly engaged employees. And, according to Gallup poll figures , 68.5 percent of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged,” making them even less... Read More

Informative Webinar Tackles Media Analytics & Visualization
Posted on 07-31-2015 by Mary Frericks

Feeling the pressure to deliver business insights? These days, you face huge challenges—keeping pace with 24/7/365 news and social media and sifting out valuable nuggets of insight to share across your organization. Check out this Webinar to learn how leveraging integrated tools to curate, analyze... Read More

The 4 characteristics of successful information professionals
Posted on 07-16-2015 by Mary Frericks

Today’s information professionals play a critical role in managing the endless stream of information generated in a fragmented media landscape. The challenge lies in curating and analyzing this mass of data to provide meaningful insights that can be shared across the organization. Here we discuss... Read More

Making the Leap to Enhanced Media Monitoring and Analytics
Posted on 07-10-2015 by Megan Burnside

Marketing and competitive intelligence professionals are expected know what’s trending now and anticipate the future. With content being created every second of every day, it is difficult to monitor—let alone analyze for insights. LexisNexis® Media Analytics Solutions Specialists Ryan... Read More

Lunch with a few top Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Posted on 06-23-2015 by Mary Frericks

The best part of attending conferences are the many opportunities for networking with colleagues. At the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals 30th Anniversary International Conference & Exhibition a few weeks ago, we sat down to an open discussion with fellow attendees to talk about... Read More

Research with a purpose for actionable outcomes
Posted on 06-19-2015 by Mary Frericks

This article was written by senior business analyst, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Johann Lohrmann , learn more about the author after below. Your boss doesn't want to see all your research. But, if he asks you'd better be ready. Information isn't research. Yes, research is informative... Read More

Why investing in a business intelligence tool is smart budgeting
Posted on 06-12-2015 by Mary Frericks

As organizations navigate economic peaks and valley, ‘doing more with less’ is a common refrain. Instead of leading to a Zen state of mind, however, this mantra is leading to increased anxiety among information professionals who are seeing staff reductions even as the volume of information... Read More

Your Feedback Influences LexisNexis Business Intelligence Tools
Posted on 04-30-2015 by Ulyana Androsova

We’re celebrating our valued customers. While we can’t break out the cake and ice cream typical of a celebration, we want to express our thanks for your on-going support. We’re kicking off the festivities with a ‘thank you’ video from Tom Ogburn, the managing director of... Read More