Bringing artificial intelligence into the risk management process
Posted on 10-16-2019 by Lisa Thompson

Are your financial risk management decisions informed by artificial intelligence? Increasingly, organizations face significant challenges when it comes to managing risk, but AI can help. What do you need to know? We tackled that topic recently when we teamed up with Gary Moore, Ally Bank’s Director... Read More

How Universities Earn Top Marks for Big Data Use
Posted on 09-26-2019 by Lisa Thompson

In some ways, academics’ methods of teaching and research have hardly changed since Plato and Aristotle were discussing philosophy and mathematics in the Academy in Ancient Greece. Students still learn from a tutor in small discussion groups and lectures, and many scholars still study physical... Read More

Are you ready to unlock the magic of machine learning?
Posted on 04-22-2019 by Korinne Bressler

Machine learning has become a buzzword in recent years, but the term dates to 1959 when AI-pioneer Arthur Samuel described machine learning as giving “computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” Decades later, having witnessed the exponential growth of computing power... Read More

Chinese news agency Xinhua launches first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor
Posted on 11-27-2018 by Korinne Bressler

The state news agency of China has launched a digital version of its regular news presenter. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) this version can keep breaking news stories 24 hours a day. Working in collaboration with search engine company Sogou, Chinese state news agency Xinhua showcased a digital... Read More

Trust, transparency and technology: Our Report from Brussels’ Risk Congress
Posted on 11-06-2018 by Lisa Thompson

It was a clash of old and new. In the lobby of Brussels’ Plaza Hotel were ornate chandeliers, royal portraits and a marble staircase. In the adjacent conference room, compliance officers from across Europe were discussing how the latest trends in technology can help them meet the growing risks... Read More