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LexisNexis Product Videos & Tutorials
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Working With Search Results on Nexis Duration 03:10 mins

After you've run a search, you can use the tips in this video to help you navigate your results with...
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Share a Search String in Nexis Duration 03:10 mins

Sharing a search string makes it easy for you and others to retrieval results using the same sources...
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by 106

Setting Up an Alert on Nexis Duration 00:58 mins

Nexis Alerts can help you stay informed of key information that may affect your business or previous...
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by 130

Searching with Index Terms in Nexis Duration 01:24 min

LexisNexis tags every document with the topics or subjects covered, so when you search with SmartIndexing...
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by 96

Searching for Company Financials: On Demand Webinar Duration 18.11 mins

In this in depth webinar, you will learn different strategies to use when searching for company financial...
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by 118

Searching Document Sections in Nexis Duration 01:36 min

Search within specific parts or sections of a document (Company, Description, Header, etc.) to quickly...
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by 75

Search for Company Media Mentions in nexis.com® Duration 01:32 mins

Learn how to effectively build a search to locate news mentions of a company or organization.
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by 86

Research a Person in Nexis Duration 06:03 min

Aggregate the data you need to compile a deep dive person profile with help from the LexisNexis training...
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by 82

Legal Research for Business Webinar Duration 09:59 mins

Learn how to search for the legal documents that affect your business in this detailed webinar recording...
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by 78

Excluding Results for More Precise Searching Duration 01:33 min

More information about the options to exclude types of documents when Searching in Nexis.
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by 68

Customize and Navigate your Nexis interface Duration 02:53 min

Learn the basics of navigating through Nexis and how to customize the interface to your specific research...
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by 74

Creating Custom Source Groups Duration 03:03 min

Search in exactly the publications you are interested in searching with this trick.
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by 63

Create a Company Profile Duration 08:03 min

Tricks from the experts about how to find all the information you need to create a robust and comprehensive...
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by 88

Building Strong Media Searches Duration 01:45 min

Hear a few tricks on building a precise search string in Nexis.
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by 74