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New State Laws Diverge on Guns and Voting Rights

 Among the state laws taking effect this year are new gun restrictions in California tightening that state’s existing ban on firearms on school grounds and allowing individuals to request the temporary seizure of weapons from relatives who may pose a threat. In marked contrast, a new law in Texas makes it legal for residents with permits to openly carry handguns in public. A law passed in North Carolina in 2013 but which was amended in 2015 and went into effect this year will require voters to show photo ID at the polls unless a reasonable impediment prevents them from doing so, like laws in 13 other states. Residents of Oregon and California, meanwhile, will now automatically be registered to vote when they apply for a driver's license or state ID card, under laws that took effect in those states this year (CA AB 1461 and OR HB 2177). A bill that would have done the same in New Jersey (AB 4613) was vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie (R).


Source: National Public Radio, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Brennan Center for Justice




New gun restrictions this year: California*


New gun open carry law: Texas


New voter ID law: North Carolina


New automatic-voter registration laws: California*, Oregon


Potential auto-voter registration bill vetoed: New Jersey