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Fair Percentage of Airbnb Rentals Full-Time

 According to a 2016 analysis of Airbnb booking data by the website fivethirtyeight.com, among the 25 cities with the largest Airbnb markets at that time, Honolulu, Hawaii had the highest percentage of active listings that were rented at least 180 days a year, at 21.1 percent. The other Top 25 markets with the highest share of such “commercial” listings were Portland (15.6 percent), Los Angeles (15.5 percent), Seattle (12.5 percent) and New Orleans (11.9 percent). The top Airbnb markets with the lowest percentage of commercial listings were New York (8.0 percent); Austin, Texas (6.9 percent); Chicago (6.7 percent); San Jose, California (6.1 percent); and Philadelphia (5.4 percent). But even in Airbnb’s largest U.S. market, New York, with 2,464 commercial listings, that number was only a fraction of the city’s roughly 2.2 million total rentals.