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Business - September 17 2018

U.s food and drug administration and e-cigarette 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gives e-cigarette makers 60 days to devise a detailed plan for reducing use of their product by minors, threatening to ban a number of their products if the companies don’t adequately respond (LOS ANGELES TIMS).

CA governor vetoes SB 1451 and signs AB 2620

CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) vetoes SB 1451, which would have imposed mandatory minimum penalties on Golden State cannabis shops that sell to minors, including revocation of a shop’s operating license after a third violation in three years (CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR’S OFFICE). CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signs AB 2620, which allows car rental companies to use GPS surveillance on vehicles that have not been returned within 72 hours after the contract return date or extension of the return date.