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Don’t Get Mad, Get the Money

California for the most part really doesn’t like Donald Trump. This is hardly news. Alas, it is news that the California Public Employee Retirement System – the largest pension fund in the nation - is one of the larger shareholders in American Media Inc., the debt-ridden parent company of the National Enquirer. Yes sir, as the LA Times reports, in 2016 CalPERS owned up to a third of AMI, which has been implicated in helping The Donald funnel cash to a mistress to keep her quiet about their extra-marital dalliances. And the same mini-mart rag that regularly buried stories that would make the Donster look bad, while savaging anyone said Donster doesn’t like. One can only imagine the faces many state workers made upon learning that they not only helped their least favorite person get elected, they helped him pay off his side hustles.