volume xxiii no. 51 - april 18 2016

Lou Cannon: Trump Endangers Republican Control of Statehouses | 04-15-2016

Republicans have flourished in U.S. statehouses during the Obama presidency, winning a best-ever number of legislative chambers and a near-record majority of governorships. But GOP legislative domination, as well as control of Congress, may be threatened...

Bird’s Eye View

Partisan Shifts Possible In Several Statehouses | 04-15-2016

This year’s statehouse elections offer opportunities for both Democrats and Republicans to shift majority control of legislative chambers, according to Tim Storey of the National Conference of State Legislatures. Democrats are eyeing Republican...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

A Really Funny Guy| 04-15-2016

Don’t Tread On Me| 04-15-2016