volume xxiv no. 28 - september 5 2016

Golden State Cap-And-Trade Program Faces Hazy Future | 09-02-2016

California lawmakers last month cemented their commitment to dramatically reducing the state’s carbon emissions, passing a pair of bills ( SB 32 and AB 197 ) that collectively extend the program by a decade and give the Legislature more oversight...

Bird’s Eye View

Multi-State Climate Initiatives Cover Much Of Country | 09-02-2016

Many states have joined multi-state efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage investment in clean energy and energy efficiency, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). Nine states participate in the Regional Greenhouse...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

Cuomo Jumps The Shark| 09-02-2016

Governor Twinkletoes| 09-02-2016