volume xxiv no. 37 - november 21 2016

States Seek To Plug Retirement Gaps | 11-18-2016

Retirement has become a distant dream for millions of Americans. Nearly half of American families lack any retirement savings, according to the Economic Policy Institute. Pensions with defined benefits have become a rarity in the private sector and savings...

Bird’s Eye View

States Offering Retirement Plans To Private-Sector Workers | 11-18-2016

In September California became the eighth state to pass a retirement savings plan for private-sector workers, since Massachusetts became the first to do so in 2012, according to Georgetown University’s Center for Retirement Initiatives. Another...

Hot Issues

Business - November 21 2016 | 11-18-2016

Business In Michigan The MICHIGAN Legislature gives final approval to a four-bill package – SBs 995 , 996 , 997 and 998 – that collectively approve testing of autonomous vehicles on a 122-mile stretch of Wolverine State highways. The package...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

No Raise For You! | 11-18-2016