volume xxv no. 03 - february 6 2017

States Embrace, Resist Trump Immigration Orders | 02-03-2017

In the immediate aftermath of blusterous reality TV star Donald Trump’s upset victory in the presidential race, pundits were quick to say his opponents always took his seemingly over-the-top campaign pitches too literally while not taking the whole...

Bird’s Eye View

Largest Sanctuary Cities Facing Loss Of $2B In Federal Funds | 02-03-2017

An executive order signed last month by President Donald Trump threatens to cut off over $2B in federal funding for the nation’s largest sanctuary cities, according to analysis by Reuters. Those cities range from Denver, with $20.4 million in federal...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

Gov. Bad Luck Charm| 02-03-2017

Fido In The Middle| 02-03-2017