volume xxv no. 07 - march 13 2017

State Lawmakers Defying Will of Voters | 03-10-2017

American politicians’ opposition to direct democracy dates back to the earliest days of the republic. But that resistance has reached a new level recently in the states, where elected officials are taking aim at voter-approved ballot measures and...

Bird’s Eye View

Over Half Of States With Initiative Process Governed By GOP | 03-10-2017

Twenty-four states have a process allowing citizens to propose and submit statutes and/or constitutional amendments for approval by the electorate or legislature, according to the Initiative & Referendum Institute. Republicans control the legislature...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

Pretty in Pink| 03-10-2017

Rapper Raps Rauner| 03-10-2017

Zombie Prep| 03-10-2017