volume xxv no. 08 - march 20 2017

Storms Could Signify Changing Climate In California | 03-17-2017

As spring arrives in California, scientists and public officials are taking stock of a stormy winter that eased the state’s five-year drought but exposed the vulnerability to age and climate change of the Golden State’s dams, levees, and bridges...

Bird’s Eye View

Dams With ‘High Hazard Potential’ Scattered Across U.S. | 03-17-2017

As of 2015, 1,235 of North Carolina’s dams were classified as “high hazard potential” by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the highest number in the nation. Texas had 1,212 dams with that same hazard potential, meaning that a...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

That Dog Won’t Hunt| 03-17-2017