volume xxvi no. 13 - may 7 2018

States Push Weed Legalization Movement Into High Gear | 05-04-2018

For most of the last three decades, Sacramento resident Scott Kirchner had only one thought about legalizing marijuana: no way, no how. “I was totally against it,” he says. It was a perspective driven by his own recovery from years...

Bird’s Eye View

More Than Half of States Allow Marijuana Use | 05-04-2018

Twenty-nine states have passed laws broadly legalizing the use of marijuana. Twenty of those states allow the use of the drug for medical purposes, such as pain relief or the control of nausea. Nine states have legalized recreational use of marijuana...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

Not So Sweet Home| 05-04-2018

A Christie-Sized Bill| 05-04-2018