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26 May 2020

Nexis Pro Tips to Help Search (and Find!) a Source

Are you seeking a little “Source Search Skill” support? Try out these Nexis® pro tips and you’ll find yourself spending less time searching for sources—and more time finding relevant content.

Pro Tip #1: Take the Red Search Box for a spin.

The Red Search Box lives on the Nexis home page. If you want to find a certain source, simply start typing. A list of sources will populate in a word wheel beneath the search box. If you don’t see the source right away, just keep typing. Chances are, the source will pop up as Nexis narrows down your search.

For example, let’s say you wanted to save the New York Times as a pre-search filter for when you need to search news archives. Search for the New York Times by name in the Red Search Box, and then select the magnifying glass next to the source in the word wheel. That’s it! You can add other sources as a pre-search filter by repeating those steps.

Another handy feature of the Red Search Box is the Filter option on its left. Select Filter to see your Recent & Favorite sources. Just select sources found here to add them to your search. And after you’ve run your search and you’re on your post-search results page, you can select the star icon next to any source used in the search to save it as a favorite.

You can see visual examples of the Red Search Box in action here.

Pro Tip #2: Strengthen your search game with the Power Search page.

The Power Search page is all about quick access to your Recent & Favorite sources, along with providing an easy way to find new sources to filter against. When you select Search at the top of the Nexis screen (accessible from any page), you’ll see Power Search appear beneath it. Select it to bring up the Power Search page, and from there you’ll notice that you can move between options for Filters and Sources. Select the Sources option to see a Sources Search Box. Much like the Red Search Box on the Nexis home page, you can search for and find sources here and add them to your search.

And just beneath the Source Search Box is a list of your Recent & Favorite sources for that quick and easy access I mentioned earlier.

Pro Tip #3: Be more specific when searching for sources.

The Source page is literally the home to all things dealing with sources. It’s where you can find them and put them to use. You can navigate to this page by selecting Search at the top of the Nexis screen, and then selecting Sources from the drop down that appears.

Once you select and pull up the Search page, look to the left side of your screen. You’ll see that you can browse for sources by either specific Categories or Jurisdictions.

Sources are arranged alphabetically on the Source page. You can browse the list by selecting a letter of the alphabet at the top of the page, or you can quickly run a search for a source by typing its name in the Search Within Sources search box on the left.

If you want to search news archives and you type “Dayton Daily News” in the Search Within Sources box, the word wheel gets to work providing possible sources. Several results will come up. Maybe you see “Dayton Daily News” appear underneath “Dayton Business Journal.” As Nexis searches for your desired source, it looks not just for the title of the source, but it also checks the information document for the source as well.

If you were doing this yourself, you would notice that the terms “Dayton” and “Daily” and “News” all appear either in the title of the source, source description, or a combination of both. You can find a visual walk through of this example with this downloadable step-by-step tip sheet.

Once you find the source you’re after, you can select the source name and select “Add source as a search filter” to apply it as a pre-filter. After that, you’re all set to search for content!

Pro Tip #4: Find Group Source files.

Do you want to find an entire group of sources in one easy search? No problem. You can search entire Source Groups on the Nexis home page or on the Power Search page. (You can only do individual searches on the Sources page.) Nexis categorizes its sources into Source Groups, like News Publications or NY News, for example. You can find a more extensive list of Group Sources in this printable tip sheet.

So, let’s say you wanted to find all NY News sources. Well, that’s exactly what you would type in the search box on the Nexis home or Power Search pages: “all ny news”

That’s it! And you’d follow the same formula for any other Source Group you’d want to find. Just type “all” and then the name of the Group Source in either the Red Search Box on the Nexis home page or the search box on the Power Search page.

You can see visual examples of these source search pro tips here. Try them out next time you need to find a source—and send your source search skills skyrocketing!