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Nexis 101: Five Essential Sources for Media Professionals

With the glut of information available in our always-on, Content is King world, it can be difficult to quickly identify and vet sources. We can help. Nexis explores five essential sources in our latest blog post.
13 Aug 2020

Nexis 101: Hidden Gems for Journalists

Learn more about the four hidden gems to help journalists search for credible sources.
20 Aug 2020

Turning ideas into well-conceived stories: See how intelligent research helps you move from concept to complete in less time

You’ve got your assignment. Or you’ve pitched your story. Either way, this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s time to start gathering background information, identifying interview subjects, and making the myriad connections th ...
23 Jun 2020

Campaign Coverage in the Crosshairs: Why Combating Fake News is a Top Priority as Voters Consider Political Candidates

In the month before the 2016 U.S. election, fake and conspiracy news publishers unleashed more than 6.6 million tweets on potential voters, according to research conducted by the Knight Foundation . And that wasn’t the only source of disinformat ...
23 Jun 2020

3 helpful tips for finding credible sources & saving time on news archive research

Want to conduct research of news archives more efficiently? This blog offers 3 simple ways to home in on the most relevant content from credible sources.
11 Jun 2020

Getting to the Bottom of a Story: A How-to Guide for Using News Archives to Support Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism is a powerful tool for addressing injustice. See the steps involved and the role researching news archives plays in the process.
5 Aug 2020