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 145 F.E.R.C. P61,040; 2013 FERC LEXIS 1778; 2013 WL 5774254

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - Commission

October 17, 2013

Docket No. RP10-1398-000



Table of Contents

Paragraph Numbers

I. Background

A. 1990 Settlement

B. 1996 Settlement

C. Capacity Allocation Proceeding

D. 2006 Rate Case and Settlement

E. 2008 Rate Case

F. Fuel Complaint Case

G. Current Proceeding (2011 Rate Case)

II. Summary

III. Cost of Service Issues

A. Operation and Maintenance

1. Other Gas Supply Expenses (Account No. 813)

(Stipulated Issue III.A)

2. Employee Pensions and Benefits (Account No. 926)

(Stipulated Issue III.C)

B. Compressor Station Overhaul and Periodic Maintenance

Expenses (Stipulated Issue III.E)

C. Rate Case Expenses / Regulatory Commission Expenses

(Account No. 928) (Stipulated Issue III.F)

IV. Depreciation and Negative Salvage

A. Mainline Transmission and Storage Depreciation Rates

(Stipulated Issue IV.A)

B. Depreciation Rate for Willcox Lateral

(Stipulated Issue IV.B)

C. Depreciation Rates for General and Intangible Plant

(Stipulated Issue IV.C)

D. Negative Salvage Rate for Transmission Plant

(Stipulated Issue IV.D)

V. Rate Base

A. FAS No. 106 Medicare Prescription Drug Subsidy

(Stipulated Issue I.A)

B. Rate Base Amounts Related to Line 1903

(Stipulated Issue I.C)

C. Tucson and Deming Compressor Station Abandonment Costs

(Stipulated Issue V)

VI. Rate Design

A. Billing Determinants and Revenue Credits

(Stipulated Issues VI.A, VI.B, VI.C)

B. Cost Allocation and Rate Design

1. Zone-of-Delivery Methodology (Stipulated Issue VII.A)

2. Equilibration of Rates for California, Nevada and

Arizona (Stipulated Issue VII.B)

3. Rate Design for Rate Schedule FT-H Rates

(Stipulated Issue VII.I)

4. Rate Design for Rate Schedule IHSW Rates

(Stipulated Issue VII.G)

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 145 F.E.R.C. P61,040 *;  2013 FERC LEXIS 1778 **; 2013 WL 5774254

El Paso Natural Gas Company

Prior History:

El Paso Natural Gas Co., 139 F.E.R.C. P63020, 2012 FERC LEXIS 1136 (F.E.R.C., 2012)


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