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In re Walt Disney Co. Derivative Litig.

Court of Chancery of Delaware, New Castle

April 28, 2005, Submitted ; August 9, 2005, Decided ; August 9, 2005, Filed



 [*696] OPINION




Michael Ovitz Joins The Walt Disney Company


Ovitz First Contemplates Leaving CAA But His Negotiations

With MCA Fail

Ovitz Seriously Considers Joining The Walt Disney Company

Ovitz's Contract With Disney Begins to Take Form

Crystal is Retained to Assist Russell and Watson in

Evaluating the OEA

Ovitz Accepts Eisner's Offer

Disney's Board of Directors Hires Michael Ovitz

The October 16, 1995 Compensation Committee Meeting

Ovitz's Performance as President of the Walt Disney Company

Ovitz's Early Performance

A Mismatch of Cultures and Styles

Approaching the Endgame

Specific Examples of Ovitz's Performance as President of

The Walt Disney Company

Veracity and "Agenting"

Gifts and Expenses

Ovitz's Termination

The Beginning of the End

The September 30, 1996 Board Meeting

Options for Ovitz's Termination

The November 25, 1996 Board Meeting

The Illusion Dispelled

Ovitz's Bonus and His Termination

Expert Witnesses

Professor Deborah DeMott

Professor John Donohue

Professor Kevin Murphy

Larry R. Feldman

John C. Fox

Frederick C. Dunbar


The Business Judgment Rule


The Fiduciary Duty of Due Care

The Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty

Section 102(b)(7)

Acting in Good Faith


Ovitz Did Not Breach His Duty of Loyalty

Defendants Did Not Commit Waste

The Old Board's Decision to Hire Ovitz and the Compensation

Committee's Approval of the OEA Was Not Grossly Negligent

and Not in Bad Faith




Poitier and Lozano

The Remaining Members of the Old Board

Eisner and Litvack Did Not Act in Bad Faith in Connection

With Ovitz's Termination, and the Remainder of the New Board

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907 A.2d 693 *; 2005 Del. Ch. LEXIS 113 **; 35 Employee Benefits Cas. (BNA) 1705


Subsequent History: As Amended November 15, 2006  [**1]  

Affirmed by Brehm v. Eisner (In re Walt Disney Co. Derivative Litig.), 906 A.2d 27, 2006 Del. LEXIS 307 (Del., June 8, 2006)

Prior History: In re Walt Disney Co. Derivative Litig, 2005 Del. Ch. LEXIS 28 (Del. Ch., Feb. 4, 2005)


termination, hiring, fiduciary duty, good faith, terms, negotiations, board of directors, bad faith, fiduciary, options, shareholders, bonus, gross negligence, attendance, business judgment rule, decisions, conversation, approve, board meeting, questions, expenses, press release, elected, loyalty, best interest, preponderance of evidence, duty of care, intentionally, contractual, malfeasance

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