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People v. Belge - 83 Misc. 2d 186, 372 N.Y.S.2d 798 (Cnty. Ct. 1975)


Confidential communications between an attorney and his client are privileged from disclosure as a rule of necessity in the administration of justice.


Plaintiff state filed an indictment with the court against defendant attorney accusing him of having violated N.Y. Pub. Health Law, §§ 4200, 4143 for not disclosing that he discovered a missing body of a person that defendant's client had said that he had murdered. Defendant filed a motion for a dismissal of the indictment on grounds that a confidential, privileged communication existed between him and his client that excused defendant from making full disclosure to the authorities.


Does attorney-client confidentiality excuse an attorney from making full disclosure to authorities?




The court dismissed the indictment against defendant attorney on grounds of a privileged communication between defendant and his client and in the interests of justice.

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