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Robinson v. Jacksonville Shipyards - 760 F. Supp. 1486 (M.D. Fla. 1991)


A remedy cannot exceed the scope of the cause of action.


Plaintiff Lois Robinson filed a sex discrimination lawsuit in federal district court against her employer, defendant Jacksonville Shipyards, Inc. ("JSI"), claiming that she had been subjected to a hostile work environment. The court entered a final judgment in favor of Robinson, ordering JSI to cease and desist from the maintenance of a work environment that was hostile to women because of their sex and to remedy the hostile work environment through the implementation of certain policies and procedures ("Policies"), which were to be determined at a subsequent date. Robinson submitted her proposed Policies; JSI was granted the opportunity to file objections to those Policies, which it did. The matter was before the court to establish the various Policies.


Could the mandated policies and procedures in the final judgment include matters that were not discussed in the court action?




The court struck several of JSI's objections to Robinson's proposed Policies but sustained several of JSI's objections, including its objection to Robinson's proposal to secure access to all interviews of alleged harassers and witnesses, as well as access to notes of such interviews. The court further held that Robinson's proposed training on racial harassment was not proper because the issue of racial discrimination or harassment was not present in the case.

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