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Entretien avec Me Emmanuelle Vajou, avocate associée chez Lexavoué

27 février 2024

Lexis 360 Intelligence saves us precious time, particularly when searching for court decisions.

How do you approach digital transformation within your firm?

Technological innovation is at the center of Lexavoué’s thoughts and actions. We quickly equipped our offices with “enabling” tools to allow our lawyers to focus on high value-added tasks, which is why all our practitioners have Lexis 360 Intelligence.

More specifically, how do you think artificial intelligence will impact your practice?

Artificial intelligence in the service of law is an opportunity that our profession must seize alongside legal publishers. The increasingly refined algorithms of artificial intelligence make it easier to access relevant judgments, to identify trends and to identify correlations between the reasons raised and the meaning of decisions.

How can Lexis 360 Intelligence concretely support you in this transition?

Lexis 360 Intelligence saves us precious time, particularly when searching for court decisions. The list of results allows quicker access to comments and decisions, which will help us build our argument. The ergonomics of the platform have been carefully redesigned with useful information more easily accessible, suggestions and links between relevant content, and an overhaul of the aesthetics for more pleasant navigation and consultation. Practical content is also more readable, which helps us optimize our working methods. In summary, with Lexis 360 Intelligence, we have the entire Lexis 360 document collection and research experience augmented by technology, which allows us to devote more time to our clients and to establishing ever more substantiated and robust legal strategies.

Lexis 360® Intelligence has become an  essential tool  for our firm, allowing us to  save time  in our legal research and improve our daily practice. As lawyers, it is essential to seize the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence to optimize our working methods and provide better service to our clients

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